This is some sort of home page for Peter Corlett, because apparently it's the law that one can't be on the Internet and not have one. And also because Silicon Milkroundabout asked me for a URL way back in ancient history. So here's a handy link farm and summary page for the recruiters and other stalkers amongst you.

I have email: A dozen-ish ASNs have proven to be egregious spam senders with no effective reporting mechanism, so they are blacklisted and all mail from them is unconditionally rejected at SMTP time. Google is one of them, so don't bother mailing me from GMail: here's a nickel kid, get yourself a better ISP.
I use Twitter: @pndc, unless I've finally flounced off and nuked the account. Can be somewhat random and ranty. Visit at your peril. DMs are usually open.
I sometimes answer questions on Stack Overflow: My profile.
I don't do FaceBook, Google+, or similar time- and privacy-sucking vampires, so please stop asking!
Could almost pass as a portfolio:
Pubmap is a handy mobile website that displays British pubs on a map (hence the imaginative name) and which also works as an iOS web application if bookmarked to the home screen. Recently rewritten to make it usable again in the face of third-party APIs going away, it currently uses Scala/Play on the backend, and jQuery Mobile and LeafletJs on the front end. Warning: the data is quite old and somewhat predates all of those coronavirus-induced closures.
Bitrot corner:
I infrequently scribble in a blog: Improvable Tripe.
Occasionally I find that I want to do something in Perl that nobody else has put onto CPAN. So I write it and chuck it up there: CPAN ID “MOOLI”. Much of this stuff is now pretty ancient and not necessarily good practise.
I have a Github account, which mostly contains the same CPAN modules: username “mooli”. There's some Rust bits and pieces too. Remember, Github is not a CV.
I've been working on a CPAN indexing tool called CPANDAS, although it is very much a work in progress and I haven't touched it in ages. Since I hadn't touched it for ages and have drifted away from Perl, I decided to abandon it and let the domain expire.

I'm a Unix jack-of-all-trades, with a leaning towards Perl and system administration, and making existing stuff work better rather than creating new shinies, hence the lack of a flashy portfolio. I am currently working as a Perl software developer in Amsterdam remotely, but I'm always open to hearing about new career opportunities so long as it's more than an opportunity to waste my precious lunch break on the phone being asked questions which were already answered on my CV. Yes, I do other languages apart from Perl, such as Scala, Python, Rust, or C++, but I seem to mainly get approached about Perl.

For the benefit of those recruiters who find reading long paragraphs tiring:
At the time of writing (November 2020), I already have a full-time gig. Try again sometime next year.
I live in Zaandam, North Holland. Yes, of course my back yard is full of windmills. The Netherlands may be a small country, but most of it is still further away than I'm prepared to commute. In practice, this means Amsterdam or remote-working.
London and San Francisco are definitely not within commuting distance. No, I won't relocate. Have you considered remote workers?
If the job requires a suit, forget it or stick a "1" in front of the salary. I want to work somewhere that rolls up its sleeves and gets stuff done, not be some sort of ornament in a showroom for managers stuck in the 1950s.
While I do happen to know Java, PHP, various JavaScript frameworks-of-the-week, CSS, etc, their omission from my CV is not an oversight. Please don't contact me about these as the reply given in Arkell vs. Pressdram often offends.
Don't bother calling if you don't have an actual role you're trying to fill. This includes you, Google.
In fact, if you're Google or Facebook, don't bother calling, full stop. You're a blight on the face of the planet.