This is some sort of home page for Peter Corlett, because apparently it's the law that one can't be on the Internet and not have one. And also because Silicon Milkroundabout asked me for a URL. So here's a handy link farm and summary page for the recruiters and other stalkers amongst you.

I have email:
I use Twitter: @pndc, unless I've finally flounced off and nuked the account. Can be somewhat random and ranty. Visit at your peril.
I sometimes answer questions on StackExchange: StackOverflow profile and Retrocomputing profile.
I don't do FaceBook, Google+, or similar time- and privacy-sucking vampires, so please stop asking!
Could almost pass as a portfolio:
Pubmap is a handy mobile website that displays pubs on a map and also works as an iOS web application if you bookmarked to the home screen. Recently rewritten to make it usable again in the face of third-party APIs going away, it currently uses Scala/Play on the backend, and jQuery Mobile and LeafletJs on the front end.
Bitrot corner:
I infrequently scribble in a blog: Improvable Tripe.
Occasionally I find that I want to do something in Perl that nobody else has put onto CPAN. So I write it and chuck it up there: CPAN ID “MOOLI”.
I have a Github account, which mostly contains the same CPAN modules: username “mooli”.

I'm mostly a Unix jack-of-all-trades, with a leaning towards Perl and system administration, and making existing backend stuff work better rather than creating new shiny frontend stuff, hence the lack of a flashy portfolio. Perl's terminal decline means that I'm currently doing Scala for an Amsterdam startup.

For the benefit of recruiters who can't read whole paragraphs: